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Storytime: Pirates!

In All, Books by Carter Higgins0 Comments

ARRR you ready to celebrate pirates? Walking the plank, singing sea shanties, marking the spot—here’s a bunch of fun around our favorite ruffians, just short of visiting the tattoo parlor with your tots.

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Max the Brave

In All, Books, Inside the Book by Carter Higgins0 Comments

Meet Max. He’s a cat. A sweet cat. A sweet cat that sometimes gets dressed in bows. A sweet cat that sometimes gets dressed in bows who does not like that. And that’s because Max is fearless and a mice-catcher.

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12 Books for Back to School

In All, Books by Danielle Davis5 Comments

There’s so much to process about a school year, from start to finish. There are so many moments. Here are a dozen wonderful picture books that speak to some of them—from making friends to manners, from being on the outside to being the perfect person for a task.