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Alexis Braud: Picturebooking, Episode 61

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Alexis Braud is the author and illustrator of PARADE. This is a book that celebrates the Louisiana culture of parading but what drew me into it was the notion of starting. Just getting yourself out there and starting something without much fanfare. Putting yourself on display and parading … even if it is only a parade of one small creature … something special might come of it, if only we start.

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Grant Snider: Picturebooking, Episode 58

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Today’s show features Grant Snider, the illustrator of Susan Cain’s book QUIET POWER: THE SECRET STRENGTHS OF INTROVERTS for kids and teens. Susan’s books and ideas have helped me understand myself and I’m so thrilled to get to talk about them here with Grant. Grant’s comic style and tone fit perfectly into this book. And as chance would have it, Grant is a huge picture book fan.