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Books for Better: Kids with Unique Abilities

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One of the most significant ways we can prevent those with unique abilities from being stigmatized is to open the doors to discussion and conversation. Kids need to ask these hard questions- their curiosity is not just acceptable, but should be encouraged. It is up to us, the parents, to show our children that though we may all face different challenges, these challenges and unique attributes are not walls that separate. Instead, they should be scaled and celebrated, enabling all children– all people– to see that despite our physical or mental differences, we all share the same beating heart and desire for inclusion, love and acceptance underneath. This is the goal.

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Books for Better: Books to Nurture Empathy

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This month’s Books For Better theme is “Books to nurture empathy.” The more our little ones read, learn about others, and see themselves in stories conveying messages of empathy, the more this virtue will become an instinctual part of their behavior and makeup.

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Books For Better: Books to Evoke Change

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This month’s Books For Better theme is “Books to evoke change.” Our children are fierce; let us never underestimate them. They can be, in the words of the great Mahatma Gandhi, the change they wish to see in the world. Let’s utilize great books to help them on their way.

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Books for Better

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The team at All The Wonders is proud to spearhead the #BooksForBetter initiative, whose goal is to give families and teachers a resource to find great read aloud books that celebrate diversity, compassion and inclusiveness. We envision a movement that will grow well beyond our efforts, but we’re getting it started with a monthly Twitter chat and Instagram campaign.

Join us the first Monday of each month (beginning August 1, 2016) at 8pm EST for an #ATWchat about children’s books that showcase the human potential for goodness. Then post your favorite books on this topic on social media under the hashtag #booksforbetter. We’ll be compiling and sharing your ideas, making it simple for every family to find #booksforbetter.