ALL THE WONDERS of Dory Fantasmagory

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This week we’re celebrating author-illustrator Abby Hanlon‘s leading lady DORY FANTASMAGORY, a character who has warmed our hearts over three DORY FANTASMAGORY books (so far!) and taught us to engage our imaginations whenever possible.

All The Wonders Podcast with Abby Hanlon

Abby Hanlon shares her process and inspiration that led her from working as a first grade teacher to writing books for young readers. CLICK HERE to listen to the interview!


Author-illustrator Abby Hanlon takes us behind the scenes of DORY DORY BLACK SHEEP. CLICK HERE to read about the inspiration she drew from her own life for the third Dory book.

Exploring the Curious and Vibrant World of DORY FANTASMAGORY

A close look at how author-illustrator Abby Hanlon weaves together text and illustration in her latest DORY FANTASMAGORY book DORY DORY BLACK SHEEP! CLICK HERE to read.

Growing Imaginative Children with DORY FANTASMAGORY

Take a step back and learn about the imaginative powers of DORY FANTASMAGORY. CLICK HERE to read.

Dory Printables

Download and print the maze and activity guide for some extra fun with Dory Fantasmagory.

Book Trailer

New to Dory Fantasmagory? Here’s a video introduction to our favorite rascal, Dory.

Dory Fantasmagory Around the World

Dory Fantasmagory has been translated to over a dozen different langages. Click the image to enlarge and see how many languages you can correctly identify!

Readers in Real Life: Dress Up as Dory

Dory has lots and lots of friends who like to pretend and imagine. Maybe you’re one of them!


  1. What an awesome feature! Abby Hanlon and the host of lovable characters that inhabit Dory Fantasmagory’s world deserve this five-star treatment. My daughter and I are HUGE
    Dory fans, and tomorrow can’t come fast enough for us to share this feature with her schoolmates.

    1. It’s so thrilling to hear that!! This was our first foray into something slightly older than a picture book, so I’m over the moon that you love it (and Dory)!

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