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Join us as we celebrate author-illustrator Evan Turk’s THE STORYTELLER, a magical exploration of the power of storytelling to capture the imagination and inspire a new generation of young readers to tell their own stories.


Get an inside look and analysis of Evan Turk’s artwork in THE STORYTELLER. CLICK HERE to view.


“Long, long ago, like a pearl around a grain of sand, the Kingdom of Morocco formed at the edge of the great, dry Sahara…” Watch the book trailer for THE STORYTELLER above.

Weaving a Tale with Story Stones

Help your child unlock his or her imagination with Story Stones, a creative way to engage in the art of storytelling. CLICK HERE to get started.

Picturebooking Podcast

Author and illustrator Evan Turk shares all the wonders of his picture book THE STORYTELLER with us. CLICK HERE to listen!

Keeping Storytelling Traditions Alive

Learn about organizations and individuals around the world who work to preserve the tradition of storytelling. CLICK HERE to read.

Connecting to Our Pasts and Shaping Our Futures

Read about the importance of oral storytelling as a part of your child’s bed time routine. CLICK HERE to read.

All the Wonders Podcast with Evan Turk

Evan Turk talks about the thousand-year-old tradition, what happens in the moment when you aren’t drawing, and capturing life as it happens. CLICK HERE to listen to the interview.

My Early Works: Evan Turk

Author-illustrator Evan Turk reveals the picture books he created as a child and how they inspire his picture books today. CLICK HERE to explore.

The Weaver as Storyteller

In October 2014, author-illustrator Evan Turk took a trip to Morocco to do research for THE STORYTELLER. To read about his experiences with carpet weavers and the stories that inspired him, CLICK HERE.


    1. Author

      We are so very proud of this feature, so thank you so much @mariagianferrari for your kind words! Evan put so much work into this book that we had to do it justice

  1. Thank you for highlighting this beautiful story! My favorite book to read aloud to our students is Sam & Dave Dig a Hole. So many layers for them to think on and enjoy!

    1. I think I speak for all of us when I saw we’re all HUGE Sam & Dave fans. Uncovering the layers is what makes the stories worth reading over and over again. Glad you liked the feature!

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