How Characters Come to Life

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Bernardo Carvalho, illustrator of Don’t Cross the Line! takes readers on a photographic journey through his artistic process for creating the characters, concept, and deisgn of the book. Plus he provides a fun few bonus photos of him and his artist collective, Planeta Crew, at the end.


Concept design

Character evolutions

Speech bubble designs

Cover brainstorms

Stickers we put everywhere!

The crew

In their Planeta Crew studio, from left to right: Yara Kono, Madalena Motoso, Isabel Minhós Martins, and Bernardo Carvalho

Last year with the Planeta Crew in Lisbon

Bernardo and Isabel in Bologna, Italy in April 2017

This month we’re celebrating ALL THE WONDERS of Don’t Cross the Line! with photo journeys by the author and illustrator, a look inside the book, and quite possibly the coolest book trailer ever!

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About the Author

Bernardo P. Carvalho was born in Lisbon, where he both studied fine arts and design. He co-founded the publisher Planeta Tangerina with Isabel Minhós Martins, which won Best European Children’s Publisher at the Bologna Book Fair in 2013. Bernardo and Isabel have produced books together and independently, and both have won numerous awards in design, illustration, and picture books.

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