Little Tree Embroidered Leaf Patch

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Loren Long’s LITTLE TREE is a sweet, sweet book. It’s about a tree who hangs on to its leaves, who can’t let go. And if you listen to the Let’s Get Busy podcast conversation with the author/illustrator, you’ll hear even more about that.

Click here for downloadable instructions.

here’s what we’re making

I think of this craft as a merit badge. It would be a really neat way to recognize a recent or future achievement for a kid. Letting go of something in order to take a step toward growth? Embracing a new challenge? Being brave? We’ve got a patch for that.

here’s what you’ll need

  • Paper/tracing paper
  • Cotton fabric (in the colors of the book or any color you like)
  • Felt squares
  • An embroidery needle (size 3-9)
  • Embroidery thread/floss (size 25)
  • Marker
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Safety pin
  • A bit of time

let’s get started!


1. First you need your leaf shape. Trace a leaf from the cover of Little Tree with a marker onto a piece of paper. Then trace it onto your fabric lightly with pencil by using a window as a light box. (Or you can freehand instead.) Next pencil in the embellishments of the leaf and lines around it.

2. Cut your fabric into a circle. (I used a drinking glass to trace around.)

3. Thread your needle with a couple feet of embroidery floss and start embroidering your outline and lines into the fabric using a backstitch.

4. When you’re done, cut your felt into a circle. Place it behind your fabric circle. Next, thread your needle again and attach the fabric and felt together around the edge using a whipstitch. This will hide the messy thread and give the patch some heft while creating a cute trim.

5. Attach a safety pin and you’ve got a patch to pin to whatever you like!


we’re all done!

A leaf patch to honor letting go!

Be sure to check out the Let’s Get Busy podcast episode featuring Loren Long and check back on Wednesday for our Then & Now post with LITTLE TREE, taking a look at picture books of the past and reliving those memories through modern picture books.

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