Crossing the Line Around the World

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Isabel Minhós Martins shares photos from her many stops around the world promoting Don’t Cross the Line!, her newest collaboration with illustrator Bernardo Carvalho.

The Korean edition of Don’t Cross the Line!

From the Munich Library

Children’s additions to Bernardo Carvalho’s illustrations

A read aloud during a school visit with Isabel

All the characters!

This month we’re celebrating ALL THE WONDERS of Don’t Cross the Line! with photo journeys by the author and illustrator, a look inside the book, and quite possibly the coolest book trailer ever!

Available Now

Purchase Don’t Cross the Line! by Isabel Minhós Martins and Bernardo Carvalho for your reader or readers.

About the Author

Isabel Minhós Martins was born in Lisbon, where she both studied fine arts and design. She co-founded the publisher Planeta Tangerina with Bernardo P. Carvalho, which won Best European Children’s Publisher at the Bologna Book Fair in 2013. Isabel and Bernardo have produced books together and independently, and both have won numerous awards in design, illustration, and picture books.

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