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In Maybe Something Beautiful one child sets out to spread joy and light in her community by using the transformative powers of art. And now we can join her!

here’s what we’re making

This month, we are bringing you a craft that will equip your kiddos to create art in their own neighborhoods, parks, and storefronts. It makes a great project for a single child or a whole group! We are transforming one drop cloth into a series of colorful banners, meant to be vibrant and surprising little color-bombs for your town. This is a fun and free-form way to get art into your community, thrill your neighbors, and bolster your child’s confidence. Win, win…WIN!

here’s what you’ll need

  • Drop cloth
  • Twine or yarn
  • Needle and thread or fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Sticks or dowels
  • Scotchguard (or something to waterproof your masterpiece)
  • Paints, food coloring, water colors, markers, chalks – it’s your choice and your process!
  • Printable cards

let’s get started!


1. Saturate your drop cloth with tempera water colors, food coloring, or your favorite paints. Then splatter more paint while the cloth is still wet. Let your kid go crazy, find her deep artist self, and use color to her heart’s content.

2. After the cloth has dried, divide it by folding the cloth lengthwise into 8 equal sections. Cut to make long banners.

3. Use contrasting or dark colored chalks (we used oil pastels and chalk pastels) to make designs on each banner.

4. Fold down the top edge of your banner about an inch and a half to make a pocket. Insert a stick or dowel. Glue or sew the pocket closed.

5. Tie a length of twine onto either end of the stick so you can hang your masterpiece.

6. Waterproof your creation. After all, this is going to transform your city—it needs to last! We used Scotchguard. Thompson’s Water Seal also makes a pretty fantastic waterproofing spray.

7. Make your tag. We have the front drawn for you (click here), but you or your child can also leave a message on the back. If the art will be outside, laminate or otherwise waterproof the tag, too!

8. And that’s it! Color-bomb, gift-give, and transform away!

we’re all done!

Take a peek at how we transformed a neighborhood!

Explore All the Wonders of MAYBE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL to peek inside the book, listen to an interview with illustrator Rafael López, and explore the power of art.

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Katie Penry is a clinical psychologist, professor, mother of two, and content creator for some of your favorite blogs. She is passionate about connecting parents to their children through literature, play, mutual understanding, and crafts. Follow Katie on Instagram at @afriendlyaffair or on her blog at for psychologically informed parenting tips and new ways to go “beyond the book.”


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