Make Your Own Clay Alien

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YOUR ALIEN by Tammi Sauer, illustrated by Goro Fujita, will make you want your own alien. In fact, because the book is written in second person, it says you will see an alien out your window and you will want to keep him. Of course you will!

here’s what we’re making

A replica of the sweet, green little guy to put on your desk or nightstand where he can keep you company.

Click here for downloadable instructions.

here’s what you’ll need

  • Green non-bake clay (I used Claytoon Modeling Clay for Kids; I have a feeling Play-doh would work too!)
  • White paper
  • A red marker
  • A butter knife (or other clay-sculpting and smoothing tool)
  • A toothpick
  • Clear tape
  • A pencil

let’s get started!


1. Tear off a golf ball-sized chunk of clay to work with as the body of Your Alien.

2. Mold it into a rectangle with rounded corners and a slightly tapered top.

3. Smooth the sides and top; tamp down the bottom on the surface you’re working on so it will stand up on its own.

4. Using a toothpick, draw Your Alien’s face.

5. Roll two small bits of clay between your hands into short cylinders for antennae.

6. Roll two small bits of clay between your hands into balls for the ends of the antennae.

7. Attach each ball to each cylinder.

8. Attach antennae to Your Alien’s head.

9. Make a shirt for Your Alien by cutting out a strip of white paper that can circle the body. (If you fold it in half so it’s doubled, that will prevent any oils from the clay soaking through). Fold down the top edge of the paper slightly to create a crew neck collar effect.

10. Draw and color a red star in the middle of the paper.

11. Wrap the paper around the body and tape it in the back. (Avoid touching/smearing the marker.) Now Your Alien is wearing a t-shirt!

12. Roll bits of clay between your hands to create cylinders that will be Your Alien’s arms.

13. Attach arms to either side of the body above the shirt; shape/taper them slightly at the ends.


we’re all done!

Your Alien is now yours to cherish!

Be sure to check out the YOUR ALIEN-inspired song by Emily Arrow and join Carter Higgins for an alien-themed storytime tomorrow.

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