004: Announcing the Picturebooking Theme Park

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In this episode of the Picturebooking Podcast I answer a question that I’ll ask every guest that comes on the show. If time and money where not an issue and I could make anything I wanted, what would I create?


Video Excerpt

Show Notes

If I had unlimited time and money, I’d create the Picturebooking Theme Park. I’d take interesting picture books and bring them to life via rides and attractions. It would be like stepping into a picture book story and watching it come alive.

This theme park would also house the Picturebooking Hall of Fame and I’d work hard to convince ALA to host a public Caldecott announcement show inside the park.

If your interested in making my dream come true (I’m looking at you Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or anyone else on this list) please leave me an email at nick@picturebooking.com.

If you have an idea for my theme park, leave me a voice mail message and I’ll air it on the podcast.

Side note: My wife, Melissa, feels these first solo podcasts are just practice. She’s kind of right. I’ve been practicing publishing a podcast so when the interview shows start, I am ready. And they start in two weeks with Airlie Anderson!

Let the fun begin!

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