021: Jason Chin – Using Fiction to tell a Non-Fiction Story

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Author-illustrator Jason Chin takes us through his thought process for creating non-fiction picture books like GRAVITY. I love how Jason wraps fictional stories into his non-fiction books, making them a rich and fun learning experience.





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  1. I kind of dropped the ball with this interview as we should have talked about Jason’s next book WATER IS WATER. I’m so excited to promote WATER IS WATER because the author Miranda Paul is from my hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin. I’ll have Miranda on later this year but her first book came out this month (ONE PLASTIC BAG) and you should check it out! http://mirandapaul.com/

  2. Loved this interview- I really love REDWOODS and can’t wait to check out Jason’s other books. Also I just had to say- I’m glad you left the last little bit in- it made me laugh so hard. Keep up the great work Nick – I love listening to your podcasts! 🙂

    1. Thanks Emma! Jason is such a fantastic illustrator and storyteller. If you liked REDWOODS you’ll love GRAVITY.

      Thanks for your support. It means a lot. I just checked out your website and your a very talented artist yourself. Keep up the great work!

      Check out Emma’s art at http://drawingescape.com/

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