Best of 2015: Picturebooking, Episode 43

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Noah Klocek Cloud Country Picturebooking

Celebrating a Great year of Picturebooking

Let’s have a little fun to close out the year. This episode features a countdown of the top-5 most listened to picturebooking episodes of 2015. Plus I announce my favorite book featured on the show this year. I know you’re on pins and needles so click play and let’s get the party started!

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The following content reveals the top-5 most listened to episodes and my favorite book of 2015. So DON’T scroll down if you want to experience the countdown by listening to the episode.

Andrew Stanton’s description of wonder in storytelling fit so perfectly with Picturebooking’s new relationship at All The Wonders. Check out Andrew’s full TED Talk: The clues to a great story. This Ted talk was also featured in my favorite podcast episode of all-time, Framing The Story: TED Radio Hour.

#5: Molly Idle – Art of the Sequel

Picturebooking with Molly Idle

#4: Ovi Nedelcu – Bringing an Animation Background to Picture Books

Picturebooking with Ovi Nedelcu

#3: Julie Danielson – Listen Before Breakfast

Picturebooking with Julie Danielson

#2: Katherine Roy – The Process of Making a Picture Book

Picturebooking with Katherine Roy

#1: Dan Santat – The Depth of Great Characters

Picturebooking with Dan Santat

Favorite Featured Book of 2015

Poet: The Remarkable Story of George Moses Horton
by Don Tate

There where so many good books featured this year. CLOUD COUNTRY (ep. 42) and MOTHER BRUCE (ep. 41) are at the top of my mind as I just featured them. WATER IS WATER (ep. 31) is a hometown favorite. And I have a soft spot for ONE DAY, THE END (ep. 28) as it’s my kind of humor and storytelling.

But in the end POET (ep. 36) just stood out in my mind. I can’t get over this story. It’s so inspirational. George wasn’t going to let his slavery stop him from doing what he loved. Thank you Don for bringing such a beautiful book into this world!

Books mentioned in this episode

Over There
One Day, The End
Water is Water
Mother Bruce
Cloud Country
Neighborhood Sharks
Just Like Daddy
Sea Rex
Tea Rex

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  1. OK, so these are downloads on iTunes, right? I pretty much always listen directly through the site. You gotta include those hits, too, Nick 🙂 This was SO much fun to listen to, and I LOVE TED talks. I’ve seen Andrew Stanton’s and now you got me listening again 🙂 Also, I know I missed Katherine’s podcast (and other podcasts *sigh*). I’ll be listening to that today, too! And thank you for turning me on to George Moses. It sounds SO inspirational. Wow, I really wish there was more time in a day. Thanks! What a year!

    1. That chat Nick had with Katherine Roy is definitely one of my favorites from the great Picturebooking archive! Can’t wait to see more of the elephant book she’s been working on!

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  3. Author

    Donna! Yes when you listen on the site it counts! I’m tricky like that. Andrew Stanton’s talk is possible the best thing in the world … not to overstate it. Thank you for being a friend of the show Donna.

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