Corey R. Tabor: Picturebooking, Episode 71

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Playing in a dark, dark cave

Corey R. Tabor is the illustrator behind the beautiful and imaginative picture book A DARK, DARK CAVE. This story has suspense, exploration and a fun twist. On today’s show Corey talks about making the art for this book, his journey into children’s literature and his debut as an author-illustrator with the picture book FOX AND THE JUMPING CONTEST.

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Corey R. Tabor’s Website

Tabor’s mixed-media illustrations have a lively DIY spirit that mirrors the siblings’ ingenuity. But there’s nothing amateur about the repertoire of techniques he employs to convey a sense of the deep, dark unknown and his characters’ (mostly) intrepid explorations. – Publishers Weekly Review of A DARK, DARK CAVE

Kids may want to have jumping contests of their own after reading this—just omit jetpacks. – Kirkus Review of FOX AND THE JUMPING CONTEST

We chatted with Corey about how he approached illustrating A Dark, Dark Cave, the role public school played in his becoming an artist, and how his own backyard adventures inspire him to create art. – Brightly Interview with Corey R. Tabor

Corey R. Tabor’s Books

Fox and the Jumping Contest
A Dark, Dark Cave

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