Jason Kirschner & Ethan Bryan: Picturebooking, Episode 55

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Superhero Graphic Picture Books

Two authors, two superhero graphic picture books and one fun podcast!

Mr. Particular battles evildoers in his own picky way in MR. PARTICULAR: THE WORLD’S CHOOSIEST CHAMPION! And a father and daughter discover that superheroes are all around us in SUPERHEROS ARE FOR REAL.

First we’ll talk with author-illustrator Jason Kirschner about MR. PARTICULAR and about how you get David Letterman to endorse your picture book (you might want to take notes).

Then we’ll talk to author Ethan Bryan about SUPERHEROS ARE FOR REAL and the inspirational story behind how this book came to be.


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resources mentioned in this episode

Books mentioned in this episode

Mr. Particular
Superheros are for Real

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  2. What a fun interview, guys! 😀 First: Jason, I hate that we never get to talk at the NJ conferences, but we know the whirlwind it can be and we NEVER get to see and talk to all the people we’d like :-\

    OK, now, just to shed a bit of light on the possibilities of being particular, at least from what I’ve learned through my RIDICULOUSLY picky boyfriend (with much more than food, mind you!)—he started hating vegetables when he was about 3 due to the preschool he attended giving him mushy, bland spinach. It ruined him for life. It wasn’t just the taste—it was the texture. SO much is about texture, and that’s what it is with tomatoes—the seeds and the pulp. He loves tomato sauce and ketchup—they’re smooth. And broccoli looks like little trees. I could go on! 🙂 And as far as bugs?! You both may enjoy this :D… https://writersideup.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/bugs-bug-me-for-writersideup.pdf

    Thanks for all the fun!

  3. Ethan! Wow! I can’t say enough about how cool it is that you got lucky in the way you got published. That’s a rare thing, for sure! The fact that special needs kids inspired this is just wonderful—my daughter-in-law teaches Special Ed so I hear so much about it. I didn’t know about this book and can’t wait to see!

    And Ethan, I totally cried hearing about the bullying you endured in school and about the teacher who defended you. My boyfriend was bullied from grammar school and through high school and it ruined his life. It’s all so tragic, but it sounds like you made it through OK 🙂

    And I got choked up again when you explained why you write—our lives are stories. They most definitely are, and it seems to me you’re definitely “living a story of hope.”

    Thanks for all of this, you two 😀

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