Rafael López: Picturebooking, Episode 62

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Rafael Lopez Maybe Something Beautiful

How Art Transformed a Neighborhood

Rafael López is the illustrator and inspiration for the picture book MAYBE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL: HOW ART TRANSFORMED A NEIGHBORHOOD. There is so much to love about Rafael’s true story, and the picture book that captured the spirit of this neighborhood art project. We talk about how the community art project started, how the book came to be and how Rafael used a variety of styles to illustrate the coming together of individual creativity.

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resources mentioned in this episode

  • Rafael López’s book website
  • And his illustration website
  • And his blog
  • The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art
  • Explore All the Wonders of MAYBE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL to peek inside the book, explore the power of art, and discover ways you can bring beauty to your community.

  • Books mentioned in this episode

    Maybe Something Beautiful
    My Name is Celia
    Noah Klocek
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