Picturebooking, Episode 2

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What is picturebooking?

pic·ture·book·ing (pĭk′chər′bo͝ok′ĭng)
The process of creating a story told with words and illustrations, esp. one for children.

In this episode of The Picturebooking Podcast I explain to my baby daughter what “picturebooking” means to me and why I made up my own term.

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Nick’s script:

There just isn’t a real word that fully represents what an author-illustrator does. Sure sometimes I write and sometimes I edit and sometimes I draw and sometimes I paint. But it’s not like working in silos. I don’t stop writing once I start drawing. Every process runs into the next. I’m not just writing or painting – there is more to it than that. So I made up my own term to describe the things I do to create stories.

I’m picturebooking!

Picturebooking is my hobby. For me, it’s about crafting the stories I want to tell, the way I want to tell them.

Picturebooking is inclusive.

It should be for anyone and everyone … professional and amateur. It’s not about winning a publishing contract or selling books. It’s about making stories to share and to grow. The rewards of picturebooking are internal and are rooted in the process of creating. If people like the end product, all the better.

In the recent past, making a picture book has been something professional authors and illustrators do. Lots of people work at becoming professional and getting professionally published. And that should be every storyteller’s goal. But on that road to the big publishing houses author-illustrators need to create stories just for the sake of learning and sharing.

The best way to becoming a good storyteller

Call it a hobby. Call it vanity publishing. I really don’t care. The best way to becoming a good storyteller is to tell stories. And that’s what picturebooking is all about.

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Hi my name's Nick! And I enjoy stories told with words and images. In 2014 I started the Picturebooking Podcast, where I get to chat with the people behind my favorite stories. I spend my free time writing, drawing, painting and talking picture books. It’s a good life.

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