013: Peter Brown – How Mr. Brown Goes Wild

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In this episode of the Picturebooking Podcast we celebrate picture book month by having New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Peter Brown on the show. I know I’m suppose to say glowing things about Peter and his stories, but let me keep it short. He is a great storyteller and despite being a Philadelphia Eagles fan he seems like a good guy.

One disclaimer … we don’t talk about Creepy Carrot or the Caldecott Honor. I love his picture books (The Curious Garden, Children Make Terrible PetsMr. Tiger Goes Wild and My Teacher is a Monster! No I’m Not.) and we didn’t get to Creepy Carrots. But just so you know, that I know, these things happened.



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Video Excerpt: Peter Brown and his Self-Portraits


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  1. Do you have a favorite moment with Peter’s books?

    For me it was walking out of the library with THE CURIOUS GARDEN. A father stopped me just to tell me how much he and his family loved that book!

  2. Guys, this was a fantastic podcast 🙂 Nick, I’m SO glad I found you through Matthew Winner’s 100th podcast tour 🙂 How wonderful it is what you two do! I saw a cast with Peter Brown and was ALL over it!

    For me, I’m going to say my favorite moment would be as an illustrator, watching the YouTube video on Peter’s making of Creepy Carrots—all the painstaking research. I discovered how truly talented and passionate he is about his work (which I LOVE, btw). My appreciation grew exponentially! And I had the pleasure of meeting him, briefly, at the Princeton Book Festival a couple of months ago. He was one of the people I really looked forward to meeting that day 🙂 Thanks for this great interview, guys 🙂

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