014: Matthew Winner Has Been Busy

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Teacher-librarian Matthew Winner is celebrating his 100th episode of the Let’s Get Busy Podcast. And I’m super excited to be able to share in the #LGBPodcast festivities.

The Let’s Get Busy Podcast is the best children’s book show running today. You have to listen to Matthew Winner!




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Video Excerpt: Celebrating the 100th Episode of the Let’s Get Busy Podcast


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  1. Nick and Matthew, this was great! 🙂 Oh, I’m going to love this blog tour and I’m so happy to now know of YOUR podcasts, Nick! Thank you both 😀

          1. No, question, Nick 🙂 I’m actually quite happy to be teammate AND cheerleader 😀

          2. Awww! I love you guys. Seriously. Serious love going on right here.

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  3. You know, guys, I have a sieve for a brain with many things, and it turns out THIS podcast dropped into that “black hole” lol At our recent NJSCBWI conference when Blake reiterated that that when he heard this podcast, it sparked it to contact you, Matthew, I could NOT remember hearing it and wondered how that could POssibly be! Well, as things can be with me, I was halfway through (re-)listening when I scrolled down the page and I saw this whole string of conversation! lol It came back to me, of course, but seeing as I couldn’t remember the actual conversation you two had, it was SUCH a joy listening with retrospect, seeing what the future (at least till now) ultimately for all of you (and us, as lucky listeners and “All the Wonders” fans. This is truly a thing of beauty and I will continue to be awed by all you do. Thank you AGAIN! 😀 oxox

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