026: Sanae Ishida – A Little Ninja Girl and A Lot of Japanese Culture

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Author and illustrator and all-around-creative-person Sanae Ishida is on the show today. We talk about her new picture book, Little Kunoichi, and how her blog transformed her creative life. Sanae is such an open and honest and real person. I truly enjoyed this talk.

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  2. WOW – I LOVED this interview! I dare ANY children’s book author or illustrator to NOT get emotional when they hear the ending story! It made me laugh and cry at the same time. What a wonderful, real and inspirational person Sanae is, and what a terrific way to end this years series of podcasts!

    THANK YOU Nick, and I wish you great success in letting loose and re-discovering your own unique style of illustrating. When you said that you didn’t think your work could measure up to that of other illustrators, my heart went out to you. We all feel that way at times, no matter how much we have evolved as artists. Remember that there is only one YOU! Unleash your passion for illustration and important people will see it in your work. The rewards will follow when the time is right and …(as Sanae mentioned) when you are truly ready.

    1. Thanks for your support Lisa! I’ve been thinking about what I said and about your reaction to it. I don’t feel like I can’t compete in the industry. But if I market myself as a product I have nothing new or better to offer a publisher. But as a person, a storyteller, an artist … I know I can bring something unique to a picture book.

      I’m so lucky to have people like Sanae and you and so many others encouraging and supporting me! I can’t thank everyone enough.

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