Laurel Snyder: Books Between, Episode 25

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Laurel Snyder

Interview Outline:

Orphan Island is released May 30th and I am really excited for that because now I will have MORE people to talk to about this story!
I’m wondering, what plans do you have for the Orphan Island publication day and having published several other middle grade novels and picture books – do you have certain traditions or routines on days that books are released?

What is Orphan Island about?

I saw your Nerdy Book Club post (What I Was Thinking About) explaining why you decided to leave the ending rather open and keep some mysteries unsolved. It made me wonder….

Have you had the grownups clamoring for a sequel?

When you were first drafting this novel – did the backstory, the “rules of the island” ever change or did you know right away how it was all laid out?

One of the parts of Orphan Island that particularly resonated with me as a parent and teacher was that tension between being protective and giving children the freedom to make mistakes.

As parent, is that something you’ve struggled with yourself?

If you were to live on the island, what would be your favorite thing? And what would be the thing you found most challenging?

One of the goals of this podcast is to share ideas about how to help kids find (and eventually learn to discover themselves) books that they’ll love.

You mentioned before that you see a need for more really good upper middle grade books…

You’ve mentioned that you are are teaching creative writing this spring in the MFA program at Hamline University. I’ve heard so many people say that you never really know something until you have to teach it to someone else.

How has your writing changed as a result of your teaching?

I have noticed in my conversations with authors and educators and parents a feeling in the past six months that we are living through a critical time in our nation and therefore they feel a shift in their writing or teaching or parenting.

Have you felt that way yourself?

You have been an advocate of small independent bookstores. And I’m sad to say that we no longer have one in Syracuse.

What are your favorite indie bookstores?

What have you been reading lately that you’ve liked?

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