Mike Boldt: Picturebooking, Episode 59

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A Tiger Tale

Today’s show features Mike Boldt, the author and illustrator of A TIGER TALE (Or What Happened to Anya on Her First Day of School). I am a big fan of Mike Boldt’s illustrations and I’m a huge fan of A TIGER TALE. And all that is well and good but what I’ll remember about this conversation is that the person behind this work is humble, grateful and inspiring.

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Princess Tiger Tale
First Step in a New Direction for Tiger Tale
First Sketch of Final Tiger Tale Book
Final Art Tiger Tale

resources mentioned in this episode

Books mentioned in this episode

A Tiger Tail
I Don't Want to be a Frog
Loud Lula
Tiara Saurus REX
The Duck Says
I Don't Want to be Big

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  2. I agree! The sketches are wonderful 🙂 It’s one of my favorite things—seeing the prep work 😀

    The first time I “met” you, Mike, was (if memory serves) during a #SharpSchu book club. Your humble, personable (not obviously shy) nature was instantly appealing and I liked you straight off 😀 This interview was so many things—heartwarming, inspiring, enlightening—and I related to so many sentiments and experiences. My heart ached for you when you described that period of “no work” and what that felt like. I’m so happy for you that your doubts weren’t realized in the long run. We’d all be missing out on what you produce!

    Thanks, guys, for a podcast that made me smile—AND helps fuel the “perseverance tank” that is so often close to empty 🙂

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