Zachariah OHora: Picturebooking, Episode 72

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How to Eat a Book

Zachariah OHora is the author-illustrator behind the hilarious picture book THE NOT SO QUIET LIBRARY. This story has donuts, adult napping, misuse of a stapler, Wu-Tang references and eating books … I could go on … but why don’t you just listen to the episode!

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  3. Zach, I love hearing about you not having a TV and spending so much time at the library 😀 I didn’t know you grew up in New Hampshire. It sounds wonderful 🙂 And I SO enjoy hearing how you included so much from REAL libraries within this adorable book, and all the titles you included on the shelves. It makes it that much more special. Along with the names your kids call the authors 😀 And, of course, I love when you talk about your collaborations with Ame <3 She is “high energy” to say the least 😀 Great podcast, guys!

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