ALL THE WONDERS of Max the Brave

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This week we’re celebrating MAX THE BRAVE, a picture book from author illustrator Ed Vere about a fearless cat in search of a mouse to chase. But first he needs to figure out what a mouse looks like!


Emily Arrow sings us a song about Max and his search for a mouse. CLICK HERE to listen and enjoy singing along!

Inside the Book

Take a peek inside the book to learn more about what makes MAX THE BRAVE such a wonderful book. CLICK HERE to read and explore.


Create your own peephole diorama with a few easy-to-find supplies and you can peek in on Max’s adventures any time! CLICK HERE for instructions.


Ed Vere is the author illustrator behind MAX THE BRAVE. Listen to his chat on the Let’s Get Busy podcast to learn about how Max came to be. CLICK HERE to listen.


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