All The Wonders of The Jumbies

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This fall we’re celebrating THE JUMBIES series of middle grade novels by author Tracey Baptiste (with cover art by Vivienne To)! This thrilling trilogy combines Caribbean folk tales, elemental gods and goddesses, and a fierce young heroine named Corinne who conquers her fears to save everyone she loves.

Inside the Series

Author Tracey Baptiste shares a person, place, and thing that inspired her to write THE JUMBIES books! CLICK HERE.

Create Your own Upcycled Masks

Upcycle egg cartons and odds and ends from your art supplies to create your own JUMBIES-inspired masks! CLICK HERE to get crafty.


Last month, author Tracey Baptiste joined us on the ALL THE WONDERS THIS WEEK podcast. CLICK HERE to listen and read the show notes. And don’t forget to subscribe!

what to read next

Looking for more Caribbean children’s books?  CLICK HERE for a list of wonderful picture books and novels compiled by author Emma Otheguy!


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