024: Picturebooking Panel – Katherine Roy, Will Terry, Airlie Anderson, Fred Koehler & Carter Higgins

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Welcome to the first Picturebooking Panel! Today we talk about success, pain, advice and more with Katherine Roy, Will Terry, Airlie Anderson, Fred Koehler & Carter Higgins. This is a jammed packed episode that you’ll want to save and re-listen to! Enjoy.

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  1. Did you enjoy the panel format of this episode? Or would you prefer an episode with everyone’s answer to just one question?

    Also do you think I should keep asking my guests these same questions? Or should I mix it up?

    Any suggestions for future questions?

  2. This was a really great episode. I kind of thought it would be all these individuals talking together, but it was good the way it was.
    I was also expecting all of them to answer each question, but it was actually nice the way iot wasn’t too regimented.

    great job and your podcasts are one of the best places to go for this information!

    1. Thanks for the feedback David. I’ve been collecting these questions without a real clear plan on how I’d use them. This episode being my first attempt and so I’m happy you like the results.

      1. I wish I had the drive to run a podcast site like you have. You must get so much out of doing it towards your own publishing journey.

        Thanks again!

        If you have a moment to check out my illustrations I’d like any feedback you have. I haven’t found my style yet but it’s out there somewhere! Maybe you can pick out some positives/ negatives?

        1. Sure I’ll check out your site this week and shoot you an email.

          This podcast has been so helpful to me. And it has provided me with the opportunity to serve the industry … to provide value to children’s lit.

          You don’t need to start a podcast to do that but you should try to find some way to serve the audience and the industry you want to work within.

          For picture books it might be as simple as volunteering at a library, a book store or a book festival. Remember to have an audience you need to serve an audience.

          If you want to start a podcast here are the steps: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/how-to-start-a-podcast-podcasting-tutorial/

          Thanks for listening David! And good luck!

          1. David,

            I just jumped on your site and I like your work! Your line is really expressive. And I like how you are bringing color into it. You have a solid base. Like all of us we need to pay attention to form and balance. Some drawings look like they got to detailed to fast and the overall structure of the character was a little off.

            When you’re ready to look for professional work, you will need a way for people to contact you from your site.

            Also you are showing just character studies … which is fine if you want to be a character designer. But if you want to get into picture books, you’ll need to show illustrations that tell a story.

            Thanks for listening David and keep up the good work!

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