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Swap! Pirate Ship Snacks

In Crafts by Katey Howes1 Comment

One of the super things about SWAP! (that I’m pretty sure author/illustrator Steve Light never suspected as he wrote it) is that it is packed with snacking potential. After all, what does any average group of kids do when they sit down in the cafeteria and open their lunch boxes?
They SWAP!

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Art from its Start

In Books by Matthew Winner1 Comment

Author/illustrator Steve Light shares the design process that went into each of the elements of SWAP!, from blocking the blue paint for the water to selecting the right contrasting colors for each of the swapped items to finding the perfect fountain pen nib to create his drawings.

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In All The Wonders Of by Matthew Winner7 Comments

This week we’re celebrating SWAP!, a picture book from author/illustrator Steve Light about a broken down ship, a pirate captain overcome with sadness, and how a peg-legged boy saves the day through some inventive swapping!

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In Books, Inside the Book by Carter Higgins1 Comment

This is a story about community and clever problem-solving. It’s a story about friendship. It’s a story about adventure off the seas so that your journey on them may begin. Enjoy the swap. Enjoy the sails. Enjoy this story.