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Make Your Own Clay Alien

In All, Crafts by Danielle DavisLeave a Comment

YOUR ALIEN by Tammi Sauer, illustrated by Goro Fujita, will make you want your own alien. In fact, because the book is written in second person, it says you will see an alien out your window and you will want to keep him. Of course you will!

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Storytime: Pirates!

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ARRR you ready to celebrate pirates? Walking the plank, singing sea shanties, marking the spot—here’s a bunch of fun around our favorite ruffians, just short of visiting the tattoo parlor with your tots.

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Best of 2016: Comics

In Books by Matthew Winner2 Comments

Over the years, comic books have gravitated from stories about superheroes to stories about everyday people, portraying a variety of cultural backgrounds and a wide range of themes that speak to readers. Today’s comics allow us to witness moments of loss, vulnerability, bravery, and friendship, and at the end of the day, comics speak to the diverse and complicated situations readers deal with every day. The following comics represent the most insightful and beautiful of 2016 and help readers see themselves in the books they love in new and exciting ways. Enjoy our list of the best comics of 2016.